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I'm an accomplished developer and producer with a wealth of experience in the web development space. I'm very adept and hands on when dealing with technical issues, in particular if they are of interdisciplinary nature.

My broad spectrum of past roles as well as my in-depth knowledge of all things Internet allows me to develop and share unique perspectives when assessing technical issues or projects.

  • Highly knowledgeable, hands-on & methodical developer with high attention to detail
  • High track record of tasks and projects completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards
  • Reliable and easy-going team player with high working ethics and excellent communication skills
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  • PHP

    MVC Design Pattern

    I'm highly familiar with the MVC design pattern and can sketch out new applications as efficiently as I can find my way around existing MVC applications

  • Oracle Service Cloud


    I possess deep and detailed understanding of the Oracle Service Cloud platform for which I developed an online database management tool. Functionality is similar to CX Explorer, but being an online application this can easily be integrated into existing security models.

  • Web Server

    Apache, IIS

    I know my way around most common web servers, such as IIS or Apache. I'm not at expert level, but I learn what I need to know through self-driven investigation quickly.

  • Email

    Large Volume Sending

    I'm experienced in dealing with the intricacies of sending large volume emails of several million a month. Bounce rates, whitelisting, spam filter and legalities.

  • SMS

    Large Volume Sending

    Managing large data-sets of SMS data using non-relational DB technologies such as MongoDB can be challenging. I have worked on large scale applications facilitating such technologies. Moving several millions of SMS and MMS every day means every bit counts.

  • Sensitive Data

    Zero Error Margin

    When dealing with highly sensitive legal information people's lives can be at stake. I'm experienced in dealing with such 0-error-margin data sets and posses required police clearances.

  • MySQL

    Relational Web Data

    I have developed countless database structures and surrounding application using MySQL's relational design. Ranging from large(r) scale Content Management Systems to eCommerce applications or distributed services I'm familiar MySQL's advanced features, its strengths and weaknesses alike.


    ETL & Integrations

    I'm experienced in migrating large data-sets of highly sensitive data from 3rd party systems or mainframes to MSSQL server farms through creation ETL (extraction, transformation, loading) processes.

  • Oracle ROQL

    RightNow Service Cloud

    An entirely object driven syntax for querying a system in addition to a more non-transactional variation as both are found inside Oracle's Service Cloud requires a different approach to problem solving. Oracle's own ROQL syntax provides many advantages if used correctly. And can cause a lot of headache if not.

  • MongoDB

    Speed & Document model

    When it's all about speed non-transactional databases take the lead, sacrificing joins and transactions. It took a bit to get used to thinking that way, but I always like a challenge. I worked on a mongoDB driven large-scale SMS system for about 14 month.

  • HTML5

    Mobile First

    I'm very familiar with any HTML mark-up. I facilitate this knowledge during the development of mobile-first designs or the creation of Accelerated Mobile Pages to name a few.

  • CSS3


    Using Bootstrap as base component allows interoperability between designs, projects and functionality. In particular if a strict separation of data and design layers has been adhered to.

  • JavaScript

    jQuery, Ajax, Angular, 3JS, Howler

    I'm familiar and highly proficient with most common Javascript frameworks. I know where and when to use what and why.

  • Audio Integration

    Mp3, Ogg, Vorbis, Howler.js & Co.

    Often overlooked due to its traditionally difficult implementation audio still occupies somewhat of a niche when it comes to web application interfaces. There is no need for this anymore though. Modern browsers all allow platform independent inclusion of audio as event or background sources.

  • Web VR & 3D

    A-frame, 3JS,

    With the advent of Virtual Reality and its first platform independent standard WebVR there has been a surge in 3D applications made for the web. I'm familiar and at the fore-front of current trends and technologies addressing this market.

  • Adobe Programming

    After Effects ExpressionLanguage

    Developing scenes based on Adobe's ExpressionLanguage comes very easy to me since I've been coding in JavaScript for over two decades. A programmed scene (as opposed to the traditional approach of hardcoded path variables, key-frames and timelines) is much more flexible and can be modified not just easily within After Effects itself, but can also be automated. Creating multiple variations allows the producer to select from a wider range, ultimately bringing the result closer to their artistic vision.

  • Z80-A Basic

    Since 1981

    I started programming on a Sinclair ZX81 in 1981 at age 11. The unit came equipped with one Kilobyte RAM. For Christmas a staggering 16 KB extension was added. Nonetheless, I was enthralled and this unit taught me an understanding of computing, processing and coding at a very young age.

  • Flowstone

    VSTi Instruments

    Flowstone is a object oriented development environment for industrial process automation that can be used for the creation of Virtual Studio Technology Instruments, VSTi. I've created numerous synths, analytics, effects and mastering plugins using this technology.



  • Adobe Photoshop


    Coming from an advertising and publishing background I've been using Photoshop since version 3.0 was released and have taught its use at university level.

  • Adobe After Effects


    I possess deep and in-depths understanding of After Effects' workflow and features and programming.

  • Adobe Dream Weaver


    Dream Weaver had been my tool of choice for well over a decade, but with my focus shifting from graphic design to programming and functionality I had found the application to heavy.

  • Adobe Audition


    As a certified Audio Engineer I'm easily familiar with most DAW and audio applications.

  • Illustrator


    After having used CorelDraw for many years I find Illustrator now to be my first choice for the creation of scalable media.

  • Premiere


    I'm familiar with Premiere's workflow and love its integration with the After Effects Engine.

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I'm located in the South Australian country side and available for remote work. I'd consider relocating for the right offer

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